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Flat solid shell pcs. cut to uniform thickness. Supplied in specific size or random shape. Ideal for the use in inlay, fingerboard, musical instrument and furniture inlay, knife handle, jewellery and other decorative purposes. All our blanks are selected from A grade material cut uniformly flat and good throughout usable on both sides unless otherwise specified. Available in large number of stock sizes as well as cut to specific requirement.


Sub Categories
Awabi inlay blanksBlack Mother of Pearl blanksBrownlip Mother of Pearl inlay blanksFresh water pearl inlay blanks
Awabi inlay blanks

Black Mother of Pearl blanks

Brownlip Mother of Pearl inlay blanks

Fresh water pearl inlay blanks

Gold Mother of Pearl inlay blanksAustralian greenlip abaloneGreen Turban (Green snail) inlay blanksGreen abalone inlay blanks
Gold Mother of Pearl inlay blanks

Australian greenlip abalone

Green Turban (Green snail) inlay blanks

Green abalone inlay blanks

Paua abalone shell inlay blanksPink mussel shell inlay blanksRed abalone shell inlay blanksBrown mussel inlay blanks
Paua abalone shell inlay blanks

Pink mussel shell inlay blanks

Red abalone shell inlay blanks

Brown mussel inlay blanks

White Mother of Pearl inlay blanksBlack abalone inlay blanksPink abalone shell inlay blanksReconstituted stone inlay blanks
White Mother of Pearl inlay blanks

Black abalone inlay blanks

Pink abalone shell inlay blanks

Reconstituted stone inlay blanks

Shell inlay blanks

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